fix your relationship with money and create the financial freedom you desire

 Are you ready to

 make peace with your money

 and create wealth from the inside out?


Hey there!  I’m so glad you’re here!

And it’s no accident that you’re here.

You’re here because you’re ready for MORE

  • more money
  • more confidence
  • more impact
  • more time and financial freedom

And you’re ready to STOP

  • stop underpricing the value that you provide
  • stop feeling anxiety or shame around financial decisions
  • stop working harder to bust through your income plateau
  • stop sacrificing time with your family


f*ck yeah! in your finances


You’re not “bad with money”

You don’t need to work harder.

And you don’t need more intelligence, ability, skills, education, or passion.

Your subconscious money blocks are keeping you stuck.

Money blocks keep you stuck in a pattern of fear, unconscious shadow behavior, or disempowerment

And that shows up as having money fights with loved ones, giving up your power or boundaries with money, or “shrinking to fit”.

but that is not who you Are

You are a woman who

  •  wants to feel comfortable and confident discussing money, without stress or inner conflict.
  • is ready to reinvent your relationship with money in a deep, meaningful way, that isn’t based on tedious spreadsheets or silly advice like ‘just cut out lattes’.
  • wants to discover your innate money strengths and become a rule-breaking, feminine money badass.
  • are highly motivated to own your worth and stand independently with money.

Hi! I’m Tracey Ingram

I help women entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money and create wealth 


When you have more money and wealth you can

  • create new financial opportunities
  • have a greater impact
  • enjoy financial and time freedom

Tracey Ingram Money Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


shattering your generational Money story will transform your business and your life

When we work together, I will 

  • guide you through releasing your generational fears and beliefs
  • help you create an extraordinary soul-inspired life plan
  • meet you where you are and support you on your journey to a transformed life – our work together will be as unique as you are!





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